Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jhajjar: Terming the Kadian Barha khap panchayat’s dictum of “expulsion” for the entire Gehlout family from Dharana village as “hard”, the Sarva khap panchayat reduced the punishment to the family at its meeting held in Beri town here today to resolve the ongoing gotra controversy over a “forbidden” marriage of Ravinder Gehlout with a girl of Kadian gotra.

After deliberating on the issue for several hours, the Sarva khap panchayat allowed the Gehlout family except the groom and the bride - Ravinder and Shilpa - to live in the village with symbolic penalty of one “kaudi”. However, they banned the entry of Rohtash, father of Ravinder, in the village for the next three months.

Ravinder and Shilpa would remain in exile forever. With this revised judgement, a month-old stalemate over the row has resolved.

The verdict of the Sarva khap panchayat was pronounced by the president of the Dahiya khap, Subash Dahiya, who was also the convener of the committee formed during the panchayat to take a final decision in this regard.

When the judgement of giving relaxation to the Gehlout family was announced, two groups belonging to the Kadian gotra entered into a verbal duel leading to blows between them.

One of the groups also reportedly manhandled with Subash Dahiya, Sukhbir Singh, Jagdeep Ahlawat, and Virender Gehlout and caused injuries to them. The police rushed to the spot and controlled the situation by dispersing both the groups.

The accused group alleged that all persons, who were also the members of the judgement committee, deliberately softened the verdict taking favour of the Gehlout family.

Earlier, a significant number of people belonging to various khaps participated in the meeting and listened to the leaders of various khaps on the issue.

After a long discussion, a committee for taking the decisive decision regarding the row was constituted under convener Subhash Dahiya. The committee took nearly an hour to pronounce its decision.

Meanwhile, hailing the Sarva khap panchayat’s verdict, Naseeb Singh, one of the uncles of Ravinder Gehlout, said the panchayat had done justice by revising the dictum of the Kadian khap, hence they would honour the verdict.

The Gehlout family had been facing a “social boycott” since a month for alleged “violation” of social norms by marrying Ravinder with Shilpa Kadian.

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