Saturday, July 18, 2009
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Shilpa Kadyan of Siwah weds with Ravinder Gahlot of Dharana in the month of march, 2009.....routine work, no problem but social network does not allow both of them to get marry because village Dharana comes under barah kadyan khap area, where KADYAN gotra in majority and KADYAN of village Siwah roots also in Dubaldhan adjoining Dharana.Shilpa is a daughter for KADYAN's can not be be a daughter in law....this point was raised by the Kadyan Khap, nothing wrong.
Kadyan Khap International investigate the whole matter and in the opinion that :
-Jat community people think before marry about
* Self gotra
* Mother and grand mothers gotra.
If the proposal for bride or groom does not match any gotra's as mentioned above then no harm to marry.
Ravinder being an a resident of Kadyan dominated village Dharana can not marry to Kadyan gotra girl as this is the compulsion of the society / social network, as reported he was adopted by his aunt (his father sister married in Sultanpur - Delhi) then no harm, if :
-Shilpa and Ravinder should claim for Sultanpur village - adopted parents dynasty not of Dharana family.
- Ravinder's new mother (Bhua)should get her share in her parental property in Dharana and Ravinder shall not be entitle to claim any legal heirs rights.
Some people in Kadyan Khap asked for divorce but Kadyan Khap International not in the same opinion - views, the intention of the KADYAN KHAP was also not wrong and parents of the couple
are responsible for any misunderstanding / controversy in the area, they be asked for clarification, responsible or misrepresenting the facts before society. Criminal proceeding against 20 representative of Kadyan Khap be dropped.

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